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The whole idea of keeping the 44 special at or below ~15kpsi is to not damage those old revolvers.
Brian Pearce and others suggest anything made after WWII and is properly heat treated can withstand quite a bit more, like 20-25 kpsi and that's what we call +P although it's not an official regime like the .38 spec. +P.
You should be good if keeping to those listed loads under 13kcup.
Your triple lock is stronger than the top break #3's IMO.

I have a Redding 30 and developed a style where I rap the handle fairly well when going both up and down, trying to keep the force uniform.
I also try to stay away from powders that do give trouble.
One reason for moving from IMR to H4198.
There are so many fine grained powders that work in revolvers I have never strayed far from the ones that work for me like Bullseye, Universal, N105, 2400.
PB and CSB-1 have also worked but are more obscure these days.
Unique meters OK but not perfectly and will occasionally leave a flake under the extractor star gumming up the works especially with low pressure loads.
Universal doesn't do that.
Definitely a favorite.
"Everything 44"
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