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Originally Posted by Nemo288 View Post
I also try to stay away from powders that do give trouble.

PB and CSB-1 have also worked but are more obscure these days.
Unique meters OK but not perfectly and will occasionally leave a flake under the extractor star gumming up the works especially with low pressure loads.
Universal doesn't do that.
Definitely a favorite.
Good tips.
I'm lazy enough that my Dillon 650 tends to wear it's usual measure unless I have a compelling reason to fuss with it, and while I do have several pounds of 700X and 800X, only if they were going to be noticeably nicer than on of the easy-metering powders would I fuss with them.
Funny you should mention PB, I have a big can of that as well I've been wondering just what to do with.

What, you mean "flaming dirt" doesn't burn cleanly at low pressures?!? I'm shocked!
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