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Default i use an rcbs rangemaster 2000

Originally Posted by rockquarry View Post
Think about a good quality non-electronic measure like a Redding. Very dependable. I've been using four for some time; the newest is more than thirty years old.

My experience with anything electronic (other than a light) on the loading bench was short lived. To get a measure, scale, or anything else electronic that compares with the reliability of a non-electronic counterpart probably will require an expenditure far greater than most handloaders would even consider.
As a highpower service rifle shooter, I needed an accurate scale for my loads. I used an RCBS/pact electronic scale for 20 years then I took advantage of an RCBS $50 rebate last year and replaced it with an rcbs rangemaster 2000 for $100 net cost. As long as I use check weights to verify my settings as I did with my mechanical rcbs scale, I can rapidly and accurately measure out my loads. The RCBS matchmasters seem too slow and expensive for me. The mechanical scales are just way too SLOW.
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