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Default Model 15-2 date of manufacture please

Hello everyone:

Isn't there SOMEWHERE on our fabulous internet with a comprehensive data base for serial # info for ALL of S&W's firearms???

MY gun show find today (8/29/21):

Very dirty Model 15-2 4" serial number 267K776

Very clean now...lots of scratches and crusted material in the cylinder flutes (all gone now). Took off the wood grips and put on the square butt Packy grip I took off a Model 10 I sold a few years ago. This gun had an impression of once having had this same grip on it. All bluing off bottom of trigger guard due to body salt corrosion ... gun look like one of those "carried but never fired except fpr qualification" guns, even though there are no police dept markings...usual holster wear on edges of barrel...

Thanks in advance!
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