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I loaded 44-40 (44WCF) for Cowboy shooting. I had around 2000 brass, and loaded in batches almost that big.

Some notable points: 44-40 has a thin neck by design, nominally .010"

Depending on the chamber, the brass will stretch! On very loose chambers up to .025" per firing, mine were closer to .005" in the Ruger Vaqueros and .008 in the Marlin 1894 CB.

When seating the bullet is when 95% of problems occur! to avoid this:

Try to keep ammo in groups that are fired the same amount, or trim often!

Seat bullet and crimp in separate stages. This was the cartridge I used the Lee FCD on all the time.

My Ruger Vaqueros would not chamber ammo loaded with .429 bullets, only with .427 bullets, the marlin did not care!

When I loaded a batch of ammo. I took a revolver cylinder, and used it as a chamber gauge and tested every single round.

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