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I have fired and reloaded thousands of 44-40 in SASS matches for over 20 years, yes, I ruined some casings because of it's very thin neck.

When I found a set of Redding dies and got them adjusted properly all of my problems disappeared. I have never used or needed to use Factory
Crimp die from any one.

Biggest thing "I" learned in all of this is to slow down and make SURE that the casing is going straight into the die body.

Have used Hornady One Shot spray lube for years and then couldn't get it for some time and decided to use what I already had.....a can of Pledge furniture wax...lemon scented....not only does it do a nice job but it smells good while doing it!!

Have never trimmed to length any of my brass.

Those are MY thoughts on reloading the 44-40 for what is worth to anyone.

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