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Originally Posted by tdan View Post
You really need to know the velocity of your load. Im thinking you are getting at least 1600 FPS out of 20 barrel with that powder.
With a 25 yard zero, you will be down .2 at 50 and down 3.8 at 100.
With a 50 yard zero, you will be up .1 at 25 and down 3.5 at 100.

I have a Ruger 96 carbine in 44 Mag. I have mine zeroed at 50. With the slower burning powders like 2400 and H-110, those carbine length barrels bring the 44 Mag to life. My Ruger 96 is hard to beat at flattening hogs inside 100 yards and is so easy to carry.

If you are determined to have a 100 yard zero, you should be 1 high at 25 and 1.8 high at 50 with a muzzle velocity of 1600. By the way, 25 grains of 4227 with a 240 gr bullet is WAY HOT. My old Speer #12 manual lists 23.4 grains of 4227 as MAX for any 240 gr jacketed bullet.
How many grains of #2400 do you use ?
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