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Jimmy.........I only tried 2400 in the Ruger 96 when I first got it. 17.7 gr got me right at 1500 FPS with a 240 gr Hornady XTP. My fav load is 23.5 gr of H-110 with that same XTP. That load clocks 1720 FPS in my Ruger’s 18.5” barrel. That load has always shot well in all my 629’s as well. Another powder that looks like a winner in a 44 mag long gun would be Lil Gun. I have not tried it in 44 mag, as there were reports about flame cutting on revolver frame top straps when it first came out. Since then I acquired a Rem 700 in 221 Fireball. That powder totally rocks in that caliber. On paper it looks like it will slightly outperform H-110 in velocity.

Another option that you may want to try is to zero your gun at 75 yards. Using a muzzle velocity of 1600 FPS, you would be up .5 at 25, up .8 at 50 and down only 2.0” at 100. If most of your hunting shots will be in the 50-100 yard range, that looks to be the best of all.
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