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Originally Posted by rockquarry View Post
You make a good point. The old load manuals are great reference sources; guess I have between forty and fifty of them and refer to them regularly. As you well know, much of the information is not available online.

The method of pressure measurement may be considerably more accurate today and less dependent on operator interpretation than it was when #26 was published about thirty years ago; another good reason to be cautious with old data. There is also a suggestion in #26 that the data is not recommended for small frame (presumably including steel) and alloy frame revolvers.
You also make good points but current data is not always lower because of better testing methods.

Right now on the Hodgdon Load Data Site they list
In the .38 Special data with a 158gr LSWC bullet they say the max is 6.3gr HS-6 with pressures of 16,200 CUP.

In the .357 Magnum data with a 158gr LSWC bullet they say the max is 7.0gr of HS-6 with pressures of 15,500 CUP.

I find those numbers to be strange. The .357 Magnum case is only slightly longer yet .7gr more powder generated less pressure than the .38 Special. That is hard to believe. Also, only 15,500 CUP in a .357 Magnum round, not hardly a Magnum, is it?
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