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Originally Posted by mikld View Post
IIRC; In an early (1st?) episode of the Lone Ranger he got a gunsmith to custom cast/load silver bullets in plated cases...

"Oil skin" was used for rain gear back when, so something that needed to be kept dry could have been wrapped in a piece of oil skin...
Oil skin, or canvas with impregnated paraffin and ''oil skin'' is still used by people who work outdoors in the PNW. Filson Tin Pants and Tin Coats have been around for 100 years and is still the most durable "rain gear" for loggers and construction workers.

You forgot about humidity. Wrap your BP in an oil skin on the Oregon coast and see how well it works after a year, even indoors with no 24/7 AC control.

The old saying ''keep your powder dry'' was a parting wish for your well being and safety.

BP will soak up moisture if it isn't sealed in a cartridge.

Problems of Blackpowder

All this leads me to believe that very few people reloaded brass cases until smokeless powder came on the scene around the turn of the 20th century.

44-40 was a yugely popular BP cartridge in 1880. 44 caliber and 40 grains of BP. If you wanted to load it how did you keep the moisture out of the powder?
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