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Originally Posted by MTC(SS)Ret View Post
I like your 48-0, beautiful piece, sir. Do you mind if I inquire about the stocks? Are those original unrelieved target stocks? What year was your 48-0 born and did it come with those stocks?
The reason I ask, I just bought the 17-2 in the attached photo, dated 1965 (still waiting for delivery) and it has the unrelieved targets stocks, no serial number on them. From the information I got from other members here these stocks were not factory installed on K frames after sometime in the mid fifties. I don't have any history on my 17-2 so it's a mystery when and who put them on.
Well my 48 was shipped in 1961 it is a late no dash. Unfortunately it didn't ship with the non relief targets. It was supposed to have shipped with magnas. I found this out as I sent for a letter. I like the historical value of them even if sometime they may contain unexpected information. I belong the the S&WCA and asked about the non reliefs and this is what I found out... those stocks were only made for a couple of years before they were changed to the relief because of the difficulty extracting your shells. They were produced in the early fifties and can be found on some models up to about 1958. I was also informed that S&W used up all their inventory until exhausted so some later 50's guns may have had them put on but only a letter will tell you if it did indeed ship with them. As a side not target stocks generally were not numbered to the gun some were again not often. Fortunately the non reliefs are rare and are worth a bit of $$$. So even though my 48 did not ship with them I'm very happy to have them. As a side note all my knowledge has come from the wonderful members of this forum and I'm happy to pass on what I have learned from them. Hope this helps. Doc
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