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I have had a friend for about 35 years. He was always looking to buying an older 'Vette. Always telling me he was looking at one, might make the deal. I moved away about 27 years ago, and a month ago was back in his area, and we had lunch together. He told me he was thinking about buying an older 'Vette. But it was about 500 miles away, and he was griping about someone else trying to buy it out from under him. I told him to just get out there, and look it over, or have some local expert check it out for him. He replied he wouldn't buy it without looking at the car himself.

After my wife and I left on our trip, I had to laugh. My friend had been "looking" at buying a 'Vette for now 30+ years. He will never actually buy one. He just likes to entertain himself by pretending to be searching for his 'Vette.

People like him no doubt aggravate any seller he talks with, because he has no intention of actually buying the car.

Actually he is a jerk in a number of other ways.

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