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Originally Posted by BZimm View Post
At a gun show yesterday, I bought a 100ct. sack of 38cal. cast bullets at 105gr. TCFP. My intent at the moment was to try loading them in 38spl. cases just to see how a real light bullet feels. I'm beginning to load 38/357 with 125gr. and 158gr. plated HP and I've chosen data for those weights.

But I can't find load data for 105gr. cast. There's plenty of info available for 110gr. cast though. Can I extrapolate a recipe from one to the other? Am I being too particular? After I get a recipe figured out, then I need to learn how to lube these little guys. I love this stuff.

Any 38/357 loads I produce will run through my S&W 28-2 that I love to shoot.

There is no reason to extrapolate anything, you can safely use the 110gr cast bullet data directly with the 105gr cast bullet. It's perfectly safe with such a small difference in weight but like said above, you should not go the other way around.

Are you sure the bullets aren't lubed? It sounds strange they are not. Is there a crimp groove on the bullet or are they really meant for loading .380 Auto ammo?

Keep us updated on the results, I'm now very curious. lol
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