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Originally Posted by pantannojack View Post
I am scared of used powder. What if ... someone who does not know ... partially repackaged it?

I know a LGS has had a experienced 4 lb jug of Green Dot priced at 100$ for some time. Yes it can be identified by the "green dots" within; Yes 25$ per pound is attractive; But who shoots GD anyway? I don't. But still tempting. Maybe If I had 5k more primers.
Sure, there is some risk, but if you are experienced with powder you can at least tell if it looks right or not. I tend to load a few rounds really low and shoot them out of a sturdy weapon of that caliber as a verification. If it shots as expected then start low and work up as normal.
As to GD, yep, there are the green dots which are pretty unique.
I use GD for a variety of things, works well for a pretty wide range of revolver loads and 45ACP.
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