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I ran into an old acquaintance at the range yesterday, a guy that I'd worked with at the local nuc plant and a person that I'd had a lot of respect for. Anyways, he had cobbled together a device that was pretty ingenious that I thought I'd share with this intrepid forum. It was a portable vacuum used to pick up brass. He called it his BRASS SNATCHER.

Basically it was/is a 20V Milwaukee battery powered vacuum that he'd removed it's filter bag and hogged-out its inlet a bit, with a couple of rigid tube inlet extenders fixed to its inlet. The brass was collected in its cyclone separator and thereby didn't go through its impeller. Its tank would hold around 200-300 9mm cases and he didn't have to do the chicken dance to pick up his brass. Since he was shooting a Mac-9, he had deposited much brass on the ground, and since he was a bit of a geezer (like me), he wasn't wrecking his back in the process.

He said that he had around $125 in it. He could probably put a snazzy sticker on it and market it to Franklin or somebody and make a small fortune. He demonstrated that it would pick up anything up to 223 brass. Anyways, I'm going to build one to save my own back. Photos at 11 (or sometime). -S2

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