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Default Might want to recheck your sizer die

Originally Posted by Racer X View Post
So, how does a fixed diameter carbide die deal with the tapered 9mm cases?

Originally Posted by colt_saa View Post
Obviously a carbide ring sizes the cartridge straight.
It brings everything to the smallest diameter, which is the case mouth measurement.
Originally Posted by Arm View Post
Yes the carbide die will make the cases straight...
Originally Posted by ArchAngelCD View Post
IMO the taper is so small its nothing to worry about.

I've never claimed to be a historian but I believe I recall reading that the old/original carbide 9x19 sizer dies had just a carbide "ring"?
(Straight wall cartridge carbide sizers only have (need) a ring.)

My oldest 9x19 sizer is all steel.

About 15 years (?) ago I bought a stand-alone Lee 9x19 carbide sizer die to compliment my existing older set.

More recently I purchased a new Lee Deluxe 9x19 set which of course has a carbide sizer die also.


Having never stayed in a Holiday Inn Express, but not believing that modern 9x19 carbide sizing dies make your tapered cases straight, I decided a simple test was in order.

First I removed the center de-priming rod & nut to gain full access to the Deluxe Set's carbide sizer's opening & internal length.

Using my pin gage set I found that the largest pin that can enter the sizer die's mouth is .392", where it's stopped.

A .381" pin can only go ~.210" inside the die before it's stopped by the carbide sizer's insert.

A .371" pin can go ~.409" inside before it's stopped.

A .370" pin will go fully inside & is not stopped by the insert's smallest diameter.

These rough measurements closely mirror SAAMI 9x19 specs.


This unquestionably shows that modern 9x19 carbide sizer die have a tapered internal "insert" that provides the proper case taper (~.011", mouth-base) to the re-sized case, not a straight, no taper, sizing you'd only get with a carbide "ring" only.

Both of my Lee carbide sizer dies have the same features & while these dies undoubtedly make sizing easier you still can feel the extra resistance to full length sizing a 9x19 case -vs- a 40 S&W case because of the full contact at the last of the sizing stroke.

Really all you need to do is measure your sized case with a caliper & you can see the taper.

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