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Originally Posted by NFrameFred View Post
If you're forming brass out of military .308 you'd be wise to run them through a .308 small base sizer first. You can even use a 30-06 sb sizer initially, then form them with .358 sizer. If you don't, you'll likely wish you did - they usually chamber hard if you don't. Very easy to load otherwise and not finicky as others have said. I love the cartridge, it never got its due for my 2 cents . . .
After resizing, I 'plunked' an unloaded case effortlessly into the chamber to check headspacing and fit ... flawless.

I'm not expecting book velocities. Simply put, I can't safely stack the same column of powder in military brass, but 2400 to 2500 fps isn't bad, and not too far off the 2700 fps Nosler publishes. Perfectly adequate for Oklahoma whitetails, and the like.
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