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Originally Posted by mtgianni View Post
I had one a few years ago. It had a strange habit of moving bullets left about 1 1/2" after the barrel warmed up, which took 4-5 shots. I got a screaming deal on a 358 bolt and swapped it off for something else I had to have. It is a great cartridge, and I love the BLR as a woods gun. I kept the 308 BLR made in 1980.
I think it does it's best with 200-225 gr bullets. A person on another board had to have some 250 gr rn Hornaday's for his so I split what I had.
Actually, this is it. I figured the cartridge had a sweet spot with bullet weight. I scored a case of 200 grain Winchester factory ammo, but needed a platform to utilize some components I have that are collecting dust. When I have some once-fired commercial brass, I even have some 250 grain Hornady interlocks on deck, for comparison.
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