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Originally Posted by Rogeronimo View Post
Actually, this is it. I figured the cartridge had a sweet spot with bullet weight. I scored a case of 200 grain Winchester factory ammo, but needed a platform to utilize some components I have that are collecting dust. When I have some once-fired commercial brass, I even have some 250 grain Hornady interlocks on deck, for comparison.

Should have added that I've found the Hornady 200 grain spire points to be what mine likes. Being a 'bigger boolit' fan I consider the .358 to be the 'little brother' to my .35 Whelen. If I feel like I need more oomph from a .35 I just go there . Most of my whitetails have been taken with a .308; the Whelen is just too much in my part of the country (though I have used it for that . . . once . . . ), but the .358 is like a fly swatter on WV whitetails - very effective.

Most hunters around here are 30'06 devotee's, but the mountain whitetails in this area don't generally run to the larger side of the species and in my experience the '06 tends to 'blow them up' too badly in the normally commercially available weights (150-180). The right tool for the right job . . . I haven't had the opportunity to hunt much elsewhere but I love the .358 for what we have available (whitetail, black bear sized game). As I said, the .308 works well for me and I used it longer but variety is the spice, so they say, and I like 35 calibers.
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