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Originally Posted by Bhfromme View Post
SWSC says and I quote:

Postwar production frames will also have the four address lines of “Made In U.S.A., Marcus Registradas, Smith & Wesson Springfield, Mass.” on the right side.

So if the one I put a hold on shipped in 1947 has the single line "Made in U.S.A." it must mean in the early years after the war they were using up what they had left of the old frames? Yes? Jack?
No. That quote from the SCSW, read literally, is just plain wrong.

Of the M&Ps produced post-war, which started shipping in Feb. 1946, the earliest several thousands used “left-over” Victory frames.

But then there were something over 180,000 guns with newly made frames and with the MADE IN USA produced until 1948. Nothing left over
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