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Default A casting question

Today, I was trying to "dig out" my casting equipment from my "workshop", which I hadn't used since the summer before the accident that left me disabled, which amounted to about 15 years. In that time span, stuff just got tossed in, and to top it off, the roof of my workshop developed a leak.

Unfortunately, I discovered a pair of molds I had been using to cast bullets for my 40-65 and 45-70 Highwalls that I hadn't returned to their storage boxes. The bad news is, the exteriors of the molds have developed surface rust. The good news is that there is no rust in the mold cavities and there isn't any pitting.

Having grown up on a small truck farm, my grandfather taught me some tricks. One was to use coca cola to cut through and remove rust. Does anyone here see a problem using coca cola followed by a thorough rinse with water followed by acetone? Would anyone wish to suggest an alternate method for removing the surface rust?

As always, thanks in advance for your help!
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