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Seems like this thread highlights the difference between wannabes/lookylous and real buyers ready to perform but who want to negotiate.

Big difference.

I spent a lot of years as a yacht broker and developed the skill to determine who might be real if I had what they wanted.

Many sailboat "buyers" were the worst. They were excited to share their ten year "plan" to sell their appreciating asset home and put that money into a depreciating retirement cruiser to liveaboatd.

They were easily offended when I didn't show the appropriate interest in their "dream."

My stock answer was that neither they nor I had a clue where we would be in ten years but as a commissioned salesman my priority was now so.....?

That said, there were times when I had nothing else to do and took the opportunity to show inventory that I hadn't yet seen so that I would be ready when a real buyer was looking for that product.

As for gun shows/car dealers, etc, I personally never discuss price unless I am prepared to buy if I like the number.

All good.
Chris S.
Fort Lauderdale, FL
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