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Originally Posted by mikld View Post
I just checked 3 of my Lee sizing dies.
None have "full length" carbide inserts.
The ones I looked at (and have believed for many years) use only a short insert, 7/16"-1/2" long) in the mouth of the die.

Originally Posted by BLUEDOT37 View Post
A .371" pin can go ~.409" inside before it's stopped.

A .370" pin will go fully inside & is not stopped by the insert's smallest diameter.

These rough measurements closely mirror SAAMI 9x19 specs.

That estimate of your carbide insert's depth (.430"-.500") is essentially what I got & mine is clearly tapered.

You may not have a pin gage set to check yours but as a reloader I'm sure you have a digital caliper.

Why don't you use it to verify exactly what your carbide sized 9x19 cases measures at their mouth & at the web.

I doubt they're straight with no taper.


PS: I'm sure manufacturers long ago overcame the early problems they had machining tungsten carbide.
Heck, they've made jewelry out of it for decades.

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