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Originally Posted by TXBryan View Post
The first step as a new reloader is to purchase several reloading manuals and study them. All the major bullet manufacturers and most of the powder companies publish what they consider safe and effective loading information. Most begin with "how-to" information and also contain detailed recommendations for specific loads. Granted you may only be interested in .38 Special and .357 Magnum initially - you may load for other cartridges down the road - oh yes you will. Doesn't matter; it's still a good idea to own and consult published reloading manuals even if you only "need" info on one or two cartridges.

There are many appropriate powders available for what you'll be doing. Take a look at which powders are most frequently recommended in published manuals and create a priority list for what you want and then put it in your phone, or a scrap of paper in your wallet, so when you happen on a place with an inventory you'll know/remember what you're after.
Very good advice. It takes longer to do it the right way, but it's worth the effort and the beginner will be way ahead of others who took shortcuts.
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