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I would think there are several factors involved with brass growth. Age of case, number of times reloaded pressures, and gun used. I started reloading 44 Magnum in the late '80s and have 5 guns chambered for the cartridge. Heavy loads in my Puma stretch cases a lot and sizing them makes them a bit longer. My Dan Wesson had "tight chambers" and growth is less, minimal.

Don't overthink this phenonium. I don't trim my 44 cases and get good consistent crimps (Lee collet crimp and Redding profile crimp), good to very good accuracy, especially from my DW 44H, and consistent neck tenison for good consistent ignition. 44 Magnum is one of my favorite cartridges and have reloaded everything from 123 gr. balls to 300 gr ingot "T-Rex Killers" for my 5, 44 Magnums.

But a lot of reloaders trim their revolver brass and no harm, no foul, the Reloading Police isn't going to raid your shop and confiscate your handloads. They are your cases, your guns, your time, so if you wanna, trim them...

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