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Originally Posted by BillBro View Post
I'll throw this out to see what advice I get, I also have HS-6, 4227, A2,5,7, and 9, H110, Vhitavuori N340, some Vectan 7.5 and 6.5, a little titegroup, and, I think that's it. If there is a better 44spl powder among them please advise. I tested some HS-6 alongside the CDE and also A5 and my gun liked neither. Of course most of my testing has been with some of the worst plated,240gr bullets I've seen and I'm glad to almost be rid of them. I really believe most of my dismal results with that cartridge has been due to that bullet. Do along the same vein I'd love to start casting so any design and mold recommendations also welcome.
My experience with plated bullets hasn't been good. However, if you're interest in accuracy is secondary, they're fine. I've used some of the powders you've mentioned and since you have them on hand, develop a number of loads. If you're not looking for maximum velocities, I've yet to find anything better than Bullseye, 231, Herco, and Unique, and not necessarily in that order.

A cast bullet that FITS and is of the right alloy mix for your load will be at least as accurate as an accurate jacketed bullet, often more so. I just finished loading about three hundred rounds of .44 Special using a 200 grain SAECO flat nose design and Herco powder. I prefer a heavier bullet, but this one shoot slightly better than the popular 250 grain Lyman #429421 for me. My guns, two 29s and three 24-3s do better with .432" bullets but other revolvers may need .430" or .431" bullets.
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