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Originally Posted by BillBro View Post
Sorry, my bullet/ mold request was about as ambiguous as could be huh? I want to weigh a few things before I answer so as to not waste everyone's time.
As to the hs6, for me and my one 44 it did not perform so well and with that and the cfe I was using hornady xtp bullets but even with those the hs6 did not show as well that time but I'll definitely try it in other combinations.
I'll get back with bullet designs but off the top of my head I guess something like a 200-225gr SWC , a Keith design maybe? Something most of you know to be an accurate bullet design for target shooting because I dont intend to carry a 44spl (although there would certainly be nothing wrong with that), something for use in a revolver only. If it would just happen to be effective against 4-legged beasts that's be fine too.

Oh, I also have a few other powders at my disposal, one which I never see mentioned in relation to 44Spl or 44Mag, but one which has given me one of the highest performance 44mag loads for my Henry BigBoy, H800x and the other powder is Ramshot Silohuette but it and HS-6 are my top tier 9mm powders, as is CFE but the other two edge out the CFE a little.
HS-6 is a "niche"-type powder; one that's very useful in some applications, but not many. Like you, I've found it to be a much better and more versatile powder in 9mm (with cast bullets) than just about anything else. However, I have developed a few accurate loads in other handgun cartridges using HS-6 and cast bullets. I'm finishing off an 8 lb. keg of the powder now and probably won't buy any more of it. Magnum primers are often recommended with HS-6; I've compared them with standard primers and can see no difference in accuracy or anything else.
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