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Using 14.5 grains of H2400 which is below max according to the most recent manual that I have which is the Hornady 7th Edition, should bring around 2275 fps with a 60 gr. bullet in the 8.5" barrel in my Hawkeye. I don't have a chronograph though.
Maybe 2400 fps in your TC ?

As you probably know, it is always suggested to use info from the latest manuals that you can get your hand on as powder & primers change over time. What do you have in the way of manuals ? Unique is listed in my Hornady manual and should be good for less than maximum loads in your TC too.

Here is a partial article from Handloader magazine but you have to subscribe to see the actual load data. It does have some very good info though on other aspects of loading that cartridge.

.256 Winchester Magnum Pistol Handloads | Load Data Article
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