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Default Random thought: Model 10/14 cylinder in Model 19?

Hello all,

My guns are locked up and I just began a trip. Can't measure anything.

Was just thinking about something, and wanted some insight. Are the model 10/14 cylinders the same dimensions as a model 19 cylinder [except the obvious- chamber depth]?

Here is the reason I ask.

I am waiting 10 days to pick up a PPC revolver made on a Model 19-3 pistol, but with a barrel that may or may not be Douglas.

I was doing some reading, and noticed someone had a PPC revolver and cracked their forcing cone. I can't remember if they used +P .38special ammo or .357mag ammo.

My understanding is that this is a barrel designed for wadcutter 148gr lead .38sp moving under 900 fps [probably closer to 750-800fps?].

I know enough not to throw any hot stuff in it, but- what about my kids when they inherit?

That got me wondering if I could get a .38special cylinder and have it fit/timed to the pistol, to allow for the same precision, but eliminate the possibility of ever using .357ammo in it.

This would be a long term project. I realize it might even involve having the barrel set back again to create the right B/C gap, after headspace and all other dimensions are lined up. Yet, that is with the idea that the cylinders are otherwise the same diameter, same indexing locations, and same overall length.

Otherwise, it would require a custom cylinder be made- and I don't like it enough for that. [maybe I should just have .38SPC ONLY laser stenciled on barrel or cylinder- there currently are no caliber markings.]

So- are the Model 10/14 cylinders dimensionally close enough that they should work? Or would I be looking at a custom cylinder due to overall cylinder length?

Thanks in advance
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