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I loaded a couple pounds of CFE Pistol 3 or 4 years ago. The last couple of weeks I have been shooting some of them. I loaded it in 45 acp and 38 spl. It shoots very accurate and very clean. No soot on the stainless revolver. I use mostly Unique and Bullseye but got it back in Obama era when powder got scarce. I tried several powders. My grandson gave me a 4 lb container of Titegroup and I loaded 2 lb of it. I shoved it back into the corner to use when I can't get powder anymore. It shoots so hot it makes my barrel in me GP100 too hot to touch. It also leaded my barrel really bad. My bullet guy said to quit using it and go to a slower powder. I went to Unique and it shoots very clean. I wet patch and 1 dry patch and the barrel shines. I pulled down 750 38 reloads and dumped the powder out and reloaded with Unique. It took 30 minutes to clean the lead out after the Titegroup. Anyway I really liked the CFE pistol.
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