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Originally Posted by jcelect View Post
For those that don't polish their brass! Polishing produces a clean smooth surface on the any metal by removing oxidization on the surface of the metal. Oxidization is an imperfection in the surface of the metal which is a porous condition on the surface! We all know Iron Oxide (Red Rust) which leaves pits on the surface that we can seen without magnification! When you polish a metal it removes this oxidization and when a filler substance is used (car polish/wax) the metal surface is left with a coating which makes the surface "slippery", smooth. This new surface on your brass reduces the wear on your dies which can add up over many years of use and round count!
Corn cob or walnut shells with Nu Shine for me!
I've handloaded lots of many different cartridges since 1965 and have never seen evidence that a less than "slippery" smooth surface caused any sizing die wear. I have some pretty old sizing dies that have been used regularly for sizing many, many thousands of cases.
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