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Originally Posted by LoboGunLeather View Post
Factory "combat" grips means the finger-grooved type, which are extremely desirable and bring top dollar (think in the $150-$250 range) all by themselves.

Original grips were probably the "target" style which, in 1973, would have featured the "football" style cut-out on the left grip. The "magna" grips were standard for many other K-frames of the time, but not the basic Model 66 in 4" version. If dated to 1973 yours could be one of the earlier versions that featured stainless steel rear sight, which was later changed to the more common blued version.

A 1973 vintage Model 66 will be pinned and recessed. 4" barrel in like-new condition with original box would probably bring in the $800-plus range in most parts of the country, perhaps more if one of the earliest types.

Photos and more particulars would be helpful.
I picked up an unfired 4" 1978 manufactured 66-1 off gunbroker a couple months back for 805 dollars. That included the box, papers, and tools.

The OP's gun being a no dash would add value for some, and if it has the stainless rear sight can add 100 to 150 to the gun. I would say 800-900 is in the ball park for most like new or nice plane jane 66s.

If OP's has the stainless sights... 1000-1200 might not be much of a reach. Collectors do like no dashes and stainless sights.
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