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Originally Posted by Old cop View Post
I have a LNIB 1973 four inch Model 66 complete w/the magna & factory oversize combat grips, also kept in the box. Itís had less than 100 rounds of .38 standard pressure rounds fired through it and Iím curious to know what members think itís worth today.

FWIW I got it from a retired LEO friend who fired five rounds in Ď73, cleaned it and put it in his safe. Iíve owned it for about two years but have no interest in parting w/it. Thx in advance for any help. Sorry, no pics.
1250.00 any day of the week, and UP. I had a 2 1/2 inch, ( 1985 Gun) sell not long ago on GB for 1350ish. I like yours more than mine.

The magna and combats would prob easily fetch 4-500 on their own.
So I would say if you DID sell, gun with original stocks 1350ish.

Extra stocks, 4-500.

If anyone wanted to really split hairs, let's say 1200 for gun. 400 for extra stocks. 1600.
I understand you are not selling, but If I had it and was, stocks would be sold separate, and gun with originals would sell by itself.

Its a great package. Keep EVERYTHNG!

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