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In my opinion, you’ll need at least two stocks for your 29. You’ll need a pretty set of factory targets. You can use them for light loads, and of course for “display” purposes. No one really wants to look at a Model 29 with ugly rubber grips. Next, you’ll need the ugly rubber grips of your choice for shooting full-charge magnums.

My choice in the ugly rubber grips category is an OLD version of Pachmayr Presentations. They have changed the shape of them over the years. I don’t care much for the newer versions. Presentations came in two sizes - before they ruined them with the one-piece design shape change. I actually have and like both, but I use the small size most often on a 4-inch gun. If I’m going to shoot an 8-inch gun a lot, I will often use a large size. My hands are “long and thin” enough that both sizes work well for me. If you have “meatier” hands, you’ll probably want the small size. Some guys don’t care for Presentations and prefer Hogues, which is something I’ve never been able to comprehend.
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