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Default Reloading the 32 S&W long

I decided to work up a good load in my S&W model 31-1. The first problem is the lack of available components so I had to use what I had on hand. The other problem is that there is a lack of reloading data for the 32 long.

First, let me list all the common information for my experiments:
Pistol: 4” model 31-1 J Frame
Bullet: Rainer 100gr plated HP
Case: R-P
Primer: CCI-500
Overall length: 1:24”
10 round strings @ 25 yards from rest
Chronograph: Oehler 35P @ 10 feet

The first try was with Vihtavuoi N-310 using data from their webpage.
First 1.8 gr: 517 fps, awful accuracy, and huge velocity spread. I think it was a problem with inconsistent ignition due to low pressure.
2.0 gr: 629 fps, about 5” group, and again, huge velocity spread.
2.2 gr: This is VV’s max load. 706 fps, 3.8” group
2.4 gr: I felt safe in a modern J frame. 788 fps, 3.6” group
The problem is that Vihtavuori shows 2.2 gr giving 909 fps! OK they used a 7” barrel, probably not vented but I should have been less than 200 fps off. The extreme velocity spread for the last two loads was about 100 fps even though accuracy was good considering the fixed sights on a J frame.

Next different powders. The load data is from Speer #14. I thought that since the pistol is strong enough for standard 32 pressure, I’d use the maximum charges.
Bullseye 2.3 gr: 629 fps, 6.1” group
W231 2.5 gr: 568 fps, 5.3”
Unique 3.0 gr: 632 fps, 4.5”
3N37 3.8 gr, 626 fps, 8.4”
Speer used a 3” model 31-1 in their testing so I should have equaled or exceeded their velocities but I was 166 to 240 fps under their published data. ????

Then, just because I have a good stock of Vihtavuori N340, I decided to give it a try. But since there is absolutely no data for this powder, I just took my best SWAG (Scientific Wild *** Guess). Well I got 739 fps and a 5.3” group. But it I toss out one flyer, the other nine rounds grouped into 2.81” I’ll have to try this one again. I did not post the powder weight because it is unsupported data on a public forum & some idiot might try it in his top break Ivor Johnson and blame me when things don’t go well. PM me if you want to know.

I will be trying the better loads again so stay tuned. Any help or suggestions the low velocities and large extreme spreads will be welcome.
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