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Default Gun Show Karma and Question - sorry long post

So headed to the first gun show in WNY in two years. The line was hundreds of folks long. I was way in the back and started to chat with a firefighter. He was in his last year before retirement and took up the hobby of building AR rifles. He was on the hunt for some small parts to finish a few builds.

30 minutes later we finally get up to the ticket booth and I said,"It's 9/11. You shouldn't have to pay for anything today."
I bought his ticket. He was very thankful and it was totally worth the big smile on his face as he went inside. Shook my hand and said he had more money for parts!

Later on Karma hit me twice at the same dealer. Older guy with a younger helper had a ton of shotguns and rifles and two glass cases of handguns most of which were plastic nines.

In a junk bucket of old grips and nylon holsters I found a set of nice wood service grips that would be perfect for my 1930 34/44HD. I got the revolver a few years ago but with incorrect style grips. These junk bin found grips were smooth and in great condition.

I asked the younger guy how much for these grips? He looked at the outside of the plastic bin and said everything in there is $5.
SOLD picture attached on my 38/44.

I wandered the show and saw way overpriced ammo and primers. Lots of Glocks, Taurus, Springfield and the usual tables of old shotguns and rifles. Saw a 27-2 for $900, and a 686 no dash for $850.

I circle back to the same dealer and spy in the display case a Smith & Wesson 19 with Herrett stocks. It had lots of holster wear along the frame, cylinder and both sides of the barrel. He was talking with a customer about a really beat up Remington 870. His asking price was $450 for this beater. It was rough. Definitely used in the field. Yikes.

Another guys walks up and asks how much for this box of Freedom Munitions 9mm ball. He says $35. Another Yikes.

So not expecting much I ask to see the 19. Turns out it is a 19-3 pinned and recessed 4" with wide smooth trigger, target hammer and red ramp, white outline sights. Lots of outer wear but the barrel has sharp rifling and clean. No push off. Locks up tight every chamber. No end shake. It's been shot but not abused.

So I ask how much. He says I'm mostly a rifle shotgun guy let me get my book. He pulls out what must be the Kelly Blue Book of gun values and finds the 19-3 page.

He looks up at me and says,'80% finish?"

It had lots of bluing loss so I say,"Sure."

He runs his finger along the book and says he'll sell it to me for.....$325!

DEAL With tax it comes to $353 and I ask for an even $350.
He laughs and says well you're cutting into my profits but sure.
An hour later I get it home, take it apart and give it a good cleaning. No box or original grips but no worry. It had lots of dried up grease but cleaned up easy.

I recently joined a shooting club and I have a ton of .38 and .357.
I wanted a range gun to beat up and not worry about the finish so stumbling on this was perfect timing.

Kindness pays off!

On another note, I'm not sure about the manufacture date. The number shows K964147
Any idea when this was made?
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