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Thanks for the replies. None of my usual sources have any cast 32 bullets in the 90-100 grain range in stock so I plan to spend some time searching for a casting company with something either in stock or a reasonable delivery time. So I used what I had on hand, even if it wasnít an optimal choice.

jack the toad, my RCBS dies are labeled 32 Long/32 H&R Mag and work fine for 327 also.You will have to readjust the bell & seat/ crimp dies when you change cartridges just the same as as you do for 38/357 dies.

What Iím looking for is a load that will give good accuracy at reasonable velocity for a 32 long. If I want more power, Iíll start shooting a model 631 in 32 Mag or a Ruger SP-101 in 327. I plan to see if the Vihtavuori N310 and N340 can repeat the good results I got the first time.
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