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Take those "rounds per hour" numbers from Dillon with a grain of salt, I find with the other overhead it's perhaps half that.
I've owned a Square Deal B, 450,550,650 and I sold all but the 650.
I love my 650s, yes two because it is a minor pain to change primer size.
There are aftermarket upgrades that will make life a lot nicer, the primer cut-off stopped me from intending to upgrade my 650s to 750s for instance. I did hold onto the "B" for a while since I just left it set up in one caliber, but eventually realized that in 100 rounds it would have been quicker to caliber swap a 650.
The swap can be just a few minutes if you are keeping the COL, primer size, and charge, otherwise you have to twiddle with setting dies and dispenser.
If you really do swap calibers a lot, have many of them, and use both large and small primers, I'd consider two 550s better than one 750. If you are going to crank more than 200-300 rounds at a time then I think the 650/750 is a much easier machine to run volume on. Load up some primer tubes, set the casefeeder to low and you are pretty much in cruise control.
I suspect the base machine is about 1/3 of what it's going to cost you by the time you are done buying accessories, toolheads, shellplates, and powder dies, it's not cheap but you can work into it over time.
Caliber conversion parts are more money for the 650/750, but not vastly more.
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