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I wanted to bump this thread and update it.
Iíve got my garage organized a bit, so it affords me some area to work with. Iíve started building my fume hood enclosure. I managed to build it mostly from wood I had on hand. I did buy screws and the 3/4 maple ply for the base...$28 for a 24Ēx48Ē piece! Yow! I picked up the kitchen vent hood cheap off craigslist. The hood wonít be attached, Iíll just have a foam gasket to seal it and some wood strips to center it when set in place. With the vent hood off, I can stow the cabinet out of the way. Iím still figuring out what Iím going to do for the front access. Iíve got a couple pieces of plexiglass on hand and was thinking of either a vertical sliding panel, or hinged doors. Iím going to prime it tomorrow and figure out what color to paint it. Iím thinking battleship daughter painted her room that color and Iíve got like a gallon left. Iíll update and post more pictures. Itís turning into kind of a fun project; I havenít done any woodworking in a while.
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