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Default Scored powder and primers today.

4# jug of Winchester 244 and 500 CCI small rifle magnum.

Perfect for 9,40 or 38spl. Or I have .357 powders and can load some magnum loads for my Ruger GP-100.

powder coated ok for 38+P loads/357 mag? Not that I plan on shooting a lot of .357 mag, but want to become comfortable before I work up a defense load for bears. Hence the coated lead flat nose, or SWC 158s.

I was just at my partner's brother's place, and as we were on his deck, the neighborhood black bear wandered by looking for his evening berries. This morning were a hundred or so quail, and somewhere in the trees were some gobblers. Didn't see the deer before we left. The elk were around somewhere. Maybe the neighbor's pasture, drinking from the cow's water troughs.

When the fire danger drops this fall, his "out back" range will open up. All the BLM land is off limits to any shooting now. WAY too dry.

Over near Cle Elum, in Eastern Washington.
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