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Originally Posted by sheppard View Post
Prices are twice pre-pandemic prices.
I read last week that natural gas is up 99% this year, gasoline is almost double, beef is up more than 14%, pork up more than 12% and poultry up more than 6%. Kroger made a statement last week that we can expect food to rise 2-3% more by the end of the year.

We all know why prices are going up so it shouldnít be any surprise. Weíre probably going to see more of this too. Itís nothing new, itís been happening since the beginning of time. I go back to my childhood when a new Lincoln was $4000, Volkswagen Beetle $1295, my parents custom built house $13,000 and a family of 4 could buy groceries for $6-8 a week. I started a business when I was in college in the 60ís and made $14,000 a year, now over $100,000 in todayís dollars. Get used to it because itís not going away.
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