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Originally Posted by 2152hq View Post
It is true we love to buy online, however in the event that a bundle isn’t all around sent or isn’t get in wanted conditions, our framework do ensure a MONEY BACK TRANSFER.

Just reading their Return Policy makes me think they're 'Solid'.....
I’m sure you’re being facetious, but some folks may not pick up on that.

I don’t know any legitimate sellers that will take back ammunition purchases and I believe “Ensure” is a dietary supplement for the geriatric crowd.

If that doesn’t set off red flags and alarms bells, I don’t know what would.

Originally Posted by Speedo2 View Post
Agreed, Chad; most likely a scam. Thanks for the Validator link.
You’re welcome. In this case, I consider “most likely a scam” to be a 99.999% certainty.
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