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Since the 32 family of revolver cartridges share the same diameter and cylindrical shape, unless there is insufficient range of adjustment one should be able to use the same set of dies for any length of cases. I can only speak from experience of Lyman and RCBS die sets and they have worked fine for 32 S&WL up through 327 FM. I did use a Lee set for S&W Long and H&R, but had swapped them off before the 327 came along. I’m pretty sure they would handle it though.

I’m sort of “shaking down” my choices of 32 cal bullets with the goal of picking the most versatile. Currently I’m leaning toward finding a wadcutter around 90-95 grains, a SWC or FPRN somewhere around 105-107 grains and a heavy bullet somewhere in the 115-125 gr range. I’ve standardized on .313” sizing to fit my tight chambered recreated Model 16-3. That should provide a pretty full range of loads for rounds from S&W Long to 327 FM. I really need to make some decisions because I have over twice this many moulds to choose from now.


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