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Originally Posted by 30-30remchester View Post
I have a model 19 that sleeps under the seat of my pickup. I used it daily when I was guiding elk hunters. When not under the seat it is tied to a snowmobile, stuffed into a gear bag on a 4 wheeler, or strapped to my hip as I wandered through forests and steams. It was once bounced out of a 4 wheeler into a mud hole, then ran over. It has never been taken down and cleaned. When it was recovered from the mud hole it was during elk season and clients wait for nothing. I took it to town and used the car wash wand on it and taped it to the roof rack to dry it out on the trip back to the camp. As much of a hard life as mine has had, a friend is a lion guide. After 15 years rattling around country roads and strapped to him following his dogs over the Colorado mountains, his model 19 had zero bluing left and black tape completely covers the grips keeping what is left of the wood together. His model 19 never had so much as a rag run down the barrel. So from my experience cleaning is just a hobby for so many. That being said my pocket knives are spotless and my garage I use daily can be used as an operating room since it is so clean.
Ok i canít be the only one here dying for pics of your M19!?!?

I love well used guns that have lived a life of adventure. Great testimony!
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