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Most guns are over cleaned because some idjet pushed an aluminium cleaning rod down the barrel not being particular about keeping it away from the lands and grooves. Aluminium that you see on anything is actually aluminium oxide. One of the most abrasive substances known to man. Look at a bunch of old .22's that have been owned by some kid grown to manhood and if he has owned that gun over his life time it's likely had the lands and grooves worn away by an aluminium cleaning rod if cleaned from the muzzle. If cleaned from the breach then the forcing cone is likely extended well into the barrel. That is what is known as over cleaning.

Most likely such a gun is owned by the man whose father told him to clean it and keep it clean, but never really gave good advice as to what is a proper way to keep it clean. So the young fella cleans it once a week, or more often when new and later once every time it is shot, resulting in over cleaning. Gun is ruined but hey we can reline the barrel and give it another 60 years, when the truth is it only needed to be cleaned once a year unless it was dumped in a dirty mud puddle, run over by a four wheeler, then dragged through another 4 weeks of hunting season.
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