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As for metering of 700-X:

I've tried it in an RCBS, Lyman, and various Lee's. It's never worked for me in any powder measure any better than +-.2 and that was iffy with the RCBS.

With the RCBS it would occasionally (like 4-5%) throw one significantly worse than that. Yes, I metered out 100 and weighed every one of them. I tried static abatement but got nowhere. The only way I can get it to throw is by attaching some sort of agitator.

Some seem to not have problems while others with the same equipment don't. I can't explain it. If it works for you great! If you're new to it go the extra length to verify what it's throwing. I definitely noticed the occasional under-charge while shooting.

It you can throw 700-X, how about 800-X?
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