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While it's true that the old 2400 was kinda dirty, the new stuff seems to burn pretty clean. And again, as in another post about 4895, it's one of just a few powders I buy in 4 or 8lb jugs. I bought my first 44 Mag in 1977, my Mom had to go buy it, I wasn't old enough, it was a Ruger Super Blackhawk that I still have. 2400 has always been my first choice, I have a RCBS "Keith" style mold that throws a roughly 245gr bullet with my alloy. The 2400 has always been my "go-to" powder, but that revolver has digested large amounts of #9, 231, H100, Blue Dot, and a few others with no complaints. I've shot lots of small and large game with the gun, have yet to hear any complaints from the critters about my powder choice. (If you need to see where you're going in the woods after dark, the H110 is an excellent choice, fire a shot in the air every now and then, you'll be able to see where you're going, quite the muzzle flash!) But it also seems to achieve peak velocity, if that's what you're after. All in all, enjoy your 44Mag, it seems to me one of the most forgiving, and versatile handgun cartridges ever. It will digest pretty much any halfway appropriate powder you can find. It won't care in the least. Mine seems to shoot pretty much anything accurately, from reduced loads with Trail Boss or Unique that barely clear the muzzle, to full throttle holy cr_p H110 loads that sting your hand.
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