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Default Falling in love with S&W

During my younger years I was more of a semi auto kind of guy. My service weapon was the Inglis Browning Hi-Power (and the Sterling SMG) so I'd had little exposure to revolvers. Colt really hit the market with the snake line (Python, Anaconda, & Diamondback) and rightfully so, but the pistol club on the base had 2 club S&W revolvers, a target .22 and .38 (Masterpiece?). It was love at first use! I'm not knocking Colt, but I just find the S&W revolvers a better fit for me. I had the pleasure of shooting my buddy's Mod.29 with the 6" barrel in .44 mag. What a delight! Now I own 2 antique S&W's which is the only thing I can legally carry as bush defense handgun up here. This site has been a joy and an education. So, a big "thank you" to you all! First, for allowing me to join and secondly for your generosity in sharing information and knowledge.
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