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Originally Posted by mark brewer View Post
apperently, this thread of mine violated the delicate rules of this forum. excuse the heck out of me and i'll see you elsewhere, or not.

exactly where is the "cleaning" section of this forum? nevermind, i don't care.
Originally Posted by mark brewer View Post
good natured fun is fine with me, but i was told by moderation that this thread violated rules of this forum. i ain't smart enough to stay ahead of such picky rules. you're all a fine group of folks.
Overreact much?

You're right- there is no "cleaning section", but I'm pretty sure "gun cleaning" is a "gun topic". That's why I moved it to this gun forum.

You received a simple Reminder that said-
Originally Posted by handejector
Dear mark brewer,

A reminder to read the rules at Smith & Wesson Forum.

Wrong Forum or Cross Posting

We try to keep gun and knife topic threads out of The Lounge.
Please use the main menu in the navigation bar up top-
to select the correct subforum for your topics.

Note the subtitles describing the subforums.

Note the Lounge description-
The Lounge
A Catch-All Area for NON-GUN topics.
Keep it Family Friendly. See The Rules for Banned Topics!

Had you waited for me to reply to your snarky PM I would have explained this to you privately without any repercussion. Since you want to critique us publicly, I'll answer publicly.
Take a few days off and decide if you want to be here. If you can use this board within our rules, and can accept some moderation when you don't, you'll be welcome here. If that is too much to ask, find another board.
Lee Jarrett
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