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Factory Hornady 44 Magnum 300gr XTP claims 1,150 fps.

That "17.4gr of H800-X and a Hornady 300gr XTP" looks to be a (one of two possible) typo: 13.4gr of 800-X looks more like it...?

For 800-X, Hodgdons shows, for example, 15.2gr MAX for a 200gr JHP, and 14.2gr MAX (@ 39,600 cup) for a 240gr JHP: adding 25% more bullet weight and 3+ grains more powder just doesn't seem logical (or safe?) to me.

If it was meant to be a 200gr XTP (vs. 300gr) OR 13.4gr (vs. 17.4gr) 800-X powder, well...?


P.S. BillBro: Please advise me if I'm way off base here! Not trying to be a know-it-all.
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